What is Code Lads?

At Code Lads we have an extensive experience with .NET MVC, .NET Core 2.x, C#, F#, Web Apps, backend APIs, Universal Windows Platform Apps, Android Apps in Xamarin and Native.
We intend to make programs that meet the user's needs, both in terms of User Experience, User Interface and Performance.

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Say Hello to beautiful Apps

Fluent Design Code Lads

With Windows 10's newest Update comes the Fluent Design System, paving way for beautiful, polished apps on all device families.

What are Universal Windows Platform Apps?

UWP Device Families Code Lads

In Windows 10, Universal Windows Platform apps take the centre stage. The UWP provides a guaranteed core API across devices, be it Xbox One+, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone or even your fridge (IoT). One codebase to reach a Billion devices running Windows 10.

UWP Input Devices Code Lads

UWPs support a myriad of input types depending on the device family it runs on.

Multiple Device Families

UWP windows phone Code Lads

With UWP, one app can run on multiple device familes, as we can see here, the same app runs on a PC and a Windows Phone with the same underlying codebase and an adaptable UI (Learn Mode about adaptable UI using XAML)

UWP on Xbox

UWP Xbox Code Lads

UWP is also used to make Games using Unity, Unreal Engine or plain old Apps for Xbox One and above, depending on the codebase and APIs used, the same app/game can be published on the Microsoft Store for both PCs and Xbox